Political Speech

The content of this site is explicitly political speech, and as such enjoys the highest level of First Amendment protection, until the corporate Supreme Court rules otherwise. The featured commentators of the Daily Commercial are treated by this site as public figures and therefore deserving of considerably less diffidence than individual authors of letters to the editor who may be mentioned herein. Similarly, individuals who may post comments on this site are generally not public figures and can be expected to be treated with a certain amount of respect. An appropriate level of reciprocation will be expected from them.

Advertising on this Site

Certain pages or articles on this website may contain links to other companies or commercial offers on other websites, including opportunities to make purchases. In some cases, actions by visitors referred to these sites may result in the payment of a monetary commission to the owners of this website. Such transactions help support the site. (Who said we were anti-capitalist?)

Readers may rest assured, however, that they will never be subjected to suggestive, tacky adverts for “male enhancement” products and their ilk. It is a continuing source of amusement that the Christian-fundamentalist readers of the Daily Commercial, who take umbrage at mere cartoons that poke a little fun at their heroes and heroines (such as the superficially beautiful but profoundly ugly Michele Bachmann) have yet to raise a peep about these half-page spreads aimed at impotent Villagers. One supposes that God told them it was alright for the pharmaceutical companies to make a profit.

Fair-Use Doctrine

Since this website is minimally commercial and is aimed primarily at public edification through analysis of news and current events, the appearance on this website of any text or images that may be copyrighted by their creators should be regarded as acceptable under the fair-use doctrine.